Posted by: mattintw886 | June 23, 2010

Book Review: Terry Pratchett’s “Nation”

Nation: a good read.

I didn’t expect much from this one going in, but it brought me into the fold of the fans of Terry Pratchett after the first 2 chapters. A well written entertaining lark of a tale, suitable for young readers of all ages.

(Warning: Spoilers begin:)

The story tells the tale of an alternate reality universe very similar to our own, in approximately the Victorian era or early 19th Century era. A young British girl, of minor noble blood, sets out on a boat run by a maddened, religious sea-captain, plunging to its doom as it is carried by a volcanic- triggered tsunami and crashes into a distant tropical island somewhere in what is referred to as the Sunday islands located somewhere in the South Pacific, called the South Pelagic Sea in this world.

It also tells the tale of a boy, who is the only survivor of his island after the tsunami hits. It is entertainingly written and does not dawdle on many gory details as many modern writers seem to like to do, but rather breezes past and gets back to the main point of the story; rebuilding, healing and rebuilding the nation, based upon the experiences of the two main characters.

It is a compelling, heart warming tale, a nice contrast to the darkness of the media environment around us. If you want something for escapism, this should do the trick for a couple evenings.

Support your local library, kids! Get a card and check out the international section on the 2nd floor of Ying-Tsai Road’s Library across from the Central Taichung Post office, next to the Art Museum Parkway. I believe other library outlets in Taichung do have some english sections as well. I cannot testify to the accuracy of organization there, but there is some logic involved and it is better than nothing.


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